« Ember.js: The Ever Evolving Rock

April 23, 2015 • ☕️ 1 min read

About six months ago I decided to bet on Ember.js. Despite the fact that according to some, Angular had “won” and React was taking the scene by storm.

I made my decision because Ember made the most sense to me after doing a bunch of tutorials and demo apps. I really liked all the conventions. I liked community, and I just had a gut feeling about it(not sure why).

That feeling has been proving itself to be right. Over the last six months I have watched the flamewars continue the way they have been the last few years. Angular dividing it’s community, backbone slowly continuing disappear, and React growing bigger and bigger with their flag planted firmly on the top of the DOM diffing hill.

What I saw with Ember was different. A steadily growing framework that was committed to keeping up with new technologies without breaking their community’s apps.

This is encapsulated in a 6 week release cycle and implementing deprecation notices, with updating solutions, on minor version bumps.

I recently updated from 1.10 to 1.11 and had a pile of about 30 deprecation notices in my console. It took me about 1–2 hours to get through all those and everything worked! wow that felt great!

So they didn’t break my code and I got an update done! now that doesn’t matter if I the community all bails on ember because “OMG DOM DIFFING!@!@!”. Well I had the pleasure of attending EmberConf this year, and wow was the community fired up about Ember! Seemed like it wouldn’t have mattered whether or not they announced Glimmer.

What’s Glimmer? Oh, well it’s DOM diffing for Ember. and it is pretty damn fast! You might be thinking “So wait a javascript framework could just use what the OS community is learning and implement it without throwing pitchforks at them first?”. YES! and it happened!

Anyway, I am glad I bet on Ember. Everyone in the community is working hard to make it better everyday, and I have been benefitting from the result!